Madikeri: Coffee and cardamon

Finally the air smelled freshly ironed. We met up with the boys (Mads and Dan) in Madikeri, a Karnatakan hill station nestled between the border with Tamil Nadu and Kerala, a beautiful region with dense forests and coffee and cardamon plantations. We stayed at one such plantation that also serves as an ecological retreat. Our days were filled with long hikes around the hills and valleys. The walks took us through a surprisingly varied landscape: wet forests, grassy plateaus, and rice paddies. Unfortunately we only stayed there two days since we needed to rush to Kerala to meet up with a friend. The road to Kerala was a nightmare. A trip that should have lasted 9 hours took us over 16. By the time we arrived in Fort Cochin around six in the morning, our recent memories of the hills and forests in Madikeri were already vague.

Madikeri bus stand

the hills



surrounded by cardamon

amazing conical web


listening to birds, waiting to spot them (with little luck)


down in the valley among the paddies

our guide

carnivorous plants (the red ones)


rural plantation life, amazing to see so much space around a dwelling, and uncommon sight in crowded India


early on in our nightmarish drive to Cochin. still joking, swinging, and singing

despite it being the middle of the night, a little chai brings a smile to our faces


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