Goa: Our first break

A break at last! Goa was honest beach fun. No full moon parties or clumps of dreadlocks in our pina colada. We chose the less popular southern beaches over the mobbed north and in return got exactly what we wanted: a quiet break from North India. After over a month of travel in a country full of hapless, mongrel dogs, pitiful yet adorable, we were finally able to give our love to two. When we arrived to our bungalow Rocky and Daisy were already there. They responded accordingly and for our entire stay in Goa never left our sight. They slept outside of the bungalow, followed us to the beach, and much to our dismay, into town while we tried to shield them from the packs of other dogs whose territory had been trespassed in the process. It was also in Goa that we met Dan, Mads, and Lauren. The two lads would later become travel companions throughout most of our stay in South India. It was on the beaches of Patnam and Palolem with our small crew (dogs included) that we started a wonderful pattern of eating, digesting, sun-bathing, swimming, and eating some more. Ahhh. From Goa we started to move south. We took a passenger train to Mangalore with ‘the boys’ (Dan and Mads). While we stayed in a lackluster concrete block hotel, the boys had their fun at the local branch of the Taj. ‘Queen Schalsburg’ (as Vivien came to be known in these parts), not content with her quarters, especially while ‘the boys’ were livin’ it up, convinced her man-servant (grego) to parade her over to their swimming pool. As some form of protest, she insisted on using the sauna, despite the heat of the day and a constant stench of dead fish from the nearby port that hovered over the pool and spa.


we will never fail to be amazed by the Indian rail network. one million people employed. tens of millions that use it every day to nearly every corner of the subcontinent.


from Bombay to Palolem, 12 hours, enough time in between to step out and eat samosa


our first clear sign that we reached the south


our home for a week. the reclining chair was never ours to use. Rocky and Daisy claimed it early on.


Rocky and Daisy


our little oasis in Patnam beach


grego loves cherries


a beach, yes, but still india




the first of many visitors to our room, some more welcome than others


a very mini mantis




“Rocky, Daisy, go home! You can’t come with us to dinner!”


enter Lauren and Mads!


the view from our outdoor (obviously) bathroom


on the road to Mangalore on the local passenger train






or else…


we had the liver masala (not)


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