Europa: France, Belgium, Holland, chasing buildings

The first leg of our trip was completed before we began toying with this blog. It consisted of four weeks of travel around northern France, Belgium, and Holland. Most of the trip was based on a frenzied search for ‘important’ buildings, textbook examples of Romanesque, Gothic, and Modern masterworks. However, with a bit of persuasion, Vivi steered the trip westward to Brittany in search of other desires: oysters, mussels, and an untamed coast full of cormorants.  We also had time to visit dear friends in Brussels, den Haag, Paris, and Amsterdam. In our rental car, relegated to French radio, we spent many hours pondering the landscape, laughing, arguing, wishing we still smoked cigarettes. **


** In the months to come we will slowly update the blog to include the European portion. In the meantime enjoy our adventures in Asia.


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